MVP Summit 2015 – MVP 2 MVP Languages Sessions

Here are the MVP to MVP sessions taking place on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015.  These sessions will take place from 8:00 am to 9:00 am at the Microsoft Conference Center.


Room 8:00 am – 8:15 am 8:20 am – 8:35 am 8:40 am – 8:55 am
33/Hood Using C# as a scripting language
Filip Wojcieszyn
Contributing to the Roslyn Analyzer Project
Josh Varty
No session
33/Lassen NuGetViz
Punit Ganshani
Rocking your Mocks
Jason Bock
Integrate Solr Searches in your .NET App
David Hoerster


Using C# as a scripting language

In this talk we’ll have a look at how you can make scripted C# a serious weapon in your development arsenal. We all know and love C# – but why not move it beyond VS and use as a scripting language? With Roslyn and a bunch of open source projects you can use scripted C# for prototyping, automation and many other scenarios. Cross platform too!

Contributing to the Roslyn Analyzer Project

The Roslyn Analyzer project provides a set of code analyzers that ship with the Microsoft.CodeAnalysis NuGet package. These analyzers guide consumers of the Roslyn API making it easier to use and understand. Join Josh as he takes you through his experience with submitting a new analyzer to this project to help users better understand immutability. We’ll look at both the analyzer itself and the experience of committing code to a Microsoft open source project.

Rocking your Mocks

Mocking frameworks like Moq and NSubstitute are awesome, but I wanted to create one using the Compiler Platform instead of IL generation techniques. This talk will go through Rocks and how it works.

Integrate Solr Searches in your .NET App

Apache Solr is an open source search service that is powered by Lucene and exposes its search functionality in an OData-like protocol.  Solr is a fast and powerful search engine that offers features like hit highlights, more-like-this and faceted searches.  This session will show how to integrate Solr into your .NET apps, both with how to index content and also retrieve results.


NuGetViz is a NuGet Visualizer that drills down the dependencies for a NuGet package. The idea of the session is to showcase the idea and take feedback from MVPs