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Using Yarn with ASP.NET Core Projects

7 minute read

Since I got bitten by the CI/CD bug, I’ve been looking at ways to clean up some code-bases and make it easier to deploy and store less unneeded files in my r...

Thanksgiving and Silver Linings

1 minute read

While I am grateful for the old man bladder that woke me up at 2 am (AZ time) only to realize that my daughter was not home yet which kept me up (thank you p...

Adding .NET 5 Support to Azure App Service

less than 1 minute read

Yesterday I updated the Contacts to .NET 5. Now the process was pretty easy, you can watch the video here, however once published to Azure App Service I got...


3 minute read

A year ago, yesterday, I went to the Emergency Room because I was getting cold sweats, and something did not feel right with my body. Well, after a few tests...