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7 Windows 11 Tips

4 minute read

It’s July 11th, or 7/11/21 (in the U.S.), so I am bringing you 7 Windows 11 tips. See what I did there. :smile: I know, it’s corny, and really only applicabl...

Windows 11 - A First Look

5 minute read

Windows 11 or I am calling it right now, the Who Moved My Cheese Edition, was announced and shown to the world a few days ago. Why do you call it the Who Mov...

ASP.NET Core 5 and Angular - Book Review

1 minute read

Overall I enjoyed the outline and flow of this book. The author does an excellent job explaining things and makes no assumptions that the reader “knows it.”...

Using Yarn with ASP.NET Core Projects

7 minute read

Since I got bitten by the CI/CD bug, I’ve been looking at ways to clean up some code-bases and make it easier to deploy and store less unneeded files in my r...