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Docker Volume Location on Windows

2 minute read

Like a lot of engineers nowadays, I use Docker for my development environment. I have a Windows 11 machine with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and I use ...

Working with the LinkedIn API with C#

17 minute read

The last day few days, I have been experimenting with the LinkedIn API to send my blog posts, YouTube videos, and community updates automatically to my Linke...

Coding with JoeG - Reboot

less than 1 minute read

Tomorrow, August 11th, 2023, I will kick off my Coding with JoeG stream again and I’ll be joined by Richard Dudley. We’ll start the stream at 1pm MST/PST, 4p...

LinkedIn has an AI Assisted Editor for Post

1 minute read

With me on the hunt for a new job, at the time of this post being authored, I have been pretty active on LinkedIn. The last day or so, I have been experiment...

Getting Started with Dev Containers

7 minute read

Recently, I attended a session at DEVIntersections on Dev Containers presented by Burke Holland. Prior to attending the session, I knew of Development Contai...

Visual Studio Code File List Sort Order

1 minute read

This morning I was working on a blog post on getting started with Developer Containers. For this, I opened up Visual Studio Code and JetBrains Rider. Once I...