Building and Deploying a New Cloud App from Scratch

This talk is a workshop

In this workshop we are going to build and deploy a modern cloud application from scratch! Using Visual Studio and Azure, you will learn how to build a modern application from the ground up and deploy it to the cloud using the latest techniques. We will look at some best practices in designing and building the application, testing your code, and deploying the application, so you are set up for success later. After this workshop, you will have an established pattern to follow for future applications and in case you need to change the infrastructure of your application.

What We will Cover

  • Introduction to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) – Visual Studio
  • C# Programming Language Optional
    • CSS Optional
    • HTML Optional
  • Nuget Packages
  • Application Development
    • Designing Models
    • Building the Business (Manager) Layer
    • Building the Data Layer
      • SQL Server
      • Entity Framework
    • User Secrets
  • Unit Testing the Application
    • XUnit
  • Web Development
    • Creating a REST API
    • Documenting the REST API (Swagger)
    • Creating a Web Client (ASP.NET Core MVC)
      • Bootstrap (mention other clients like Angular, Vue, React, Blazor)
  • Deploying the Application
    • Pushing the source code to Git
    • Create the Azure Infrastructure
      • Application Service
      • SQL Server
    • Create the GitHub Action to Deploy
  • Monitoring the Application Optional
    • Azure Monitor Application Insights
    • Logging (SeriLog)

Target Audience

This workshop is geared toward individuals just getting started with Microsoft .NET and/or looking to design applications that can easily be changed and/or deployed to Azure. Attendees should have experience in at least one programming language and an understanding of basic web programming paradigms.


This session is rated level 100 -"Introductory/Overview".

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