Debugging Tips and Tricks with Visual Studio

Debugging issues within applications are challenging! In this session, I’ll how debugging works and demonstrate the many ways that Visual Studio enables you to find those annoying issues. I’ll explain the run/debug configurations. What application breakpoints are and to make them conditional, or how you can skip breakpoints altogether. While we are in a breakpoint, we’ll explore the many ways to navigate through the code but skipping lines, running to line, jumping in, and using methods. Once we find an issue, we’ll look at how we can inspect the values in memory and even change them.

At the end of the session, you’ll walk away with a lot of knowledge to help you find those annoying issues in your applications. As a bonus, you’ll walk away with a little debugging secret.

NOTE: This talk has been updated with debugging improvements in Visual Studio 2022.

This session is rated level 300 -"More Advanced - Lots of Code".

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Debugging Tips and Tricks with Visual Studio at Cleveland .NET User Group

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