Improve your Application Debugging with IntelliTrace

Traditional or live debugging shows only your applications current state with limited data about past events. You either have to guess what happened based on your current state, or you have to recreate these events by rerunning your app.

IntelliTrace expands this traditional debugging experience by recording specific events and data at these points in time. This lets you see what happened in your application without restarting it, especially if you step past where the bug is. IntelliTrace is turned on by default during traditional debugging and collects data automatically and invisibly. This lets you switch easily between traditional debugging and IntelliTrace debugging to see the recorded information.

In this session, we will cover what event information IntelliTrace collects, like debugger events, exceptions, .NET framework events and more. We’ll also dive in and see how you can further debug your application by using IntelliTrace.

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