Annoucing Desert Code Camp 2011.1

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I am pleased to announce the date for Desert Code Camp 2011.1, aka April 2011 code camp. It will take place on Saturday, April, 2nd, 2010.

The event will still take place at the wonderful Chandler-Gilbert Community College - Pecos Campus.
Speaker Dinner
We will have a speaker dinner also at this Desert Code Camp. The speaker dinner will take place on Friday night, pending a sponsor. More information will be provided when we get closer.
After Party
We will have an after party in Downtown Chandler after the Code Camp (pending a sponsor). Downtown Chandler is approximately 3 miles away from Chandler-Gilbert Community College.
Breakfast will be provided at Desert Code Camp (pending a sponsor).
Lunch will be provided at Desert Code Camp (pending a sponsor).
If you want to help or sponsor, shoot me an email at

Web Site Updates

  • We made several security improvements to the site.
  • We added a new badge widget to the site. Now you can showcase the classed you are attending or the ones that you are speaking at. Check it out at
  • Cleaned up the user interface. Most pages are very consistent and there is extensive use of jQuery and jQuery themes.
  • Published RSS, Atom and iCal feeds.
    You can customize the iCal feed with your sessions by adding?LoginId=loginId to the end of the URL.
  • The sessions listing is cleaner with an accordion look.
  • You can tweet or Like any page.
  • You can now, add Facebook comments to any session
  • Users can add there Twitter Profile, Speaker Rate Id, facebook Id, Slide Share Id, and website to their profile.
  • Speakers can add a URL to the source code, video links, slide rule, and slide share URL for the site.
  • Added a new feedback module powered by UserVoice. You can add feedback for the site directly from the site or at

Get Social

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If you are looking to help sponsor, please check out the sponsorship document.

Look forward to seeing you there!