Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed

less than 1 minute read

Just like the other Unleashed series of books, this one goes all out to explain Windows Presentation Foundation. The book actually has color examples which helps to illustrate some of the points. A must for a developer.
Topics covered:

  • Covers everything you need to know about Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)
  • Examines the WPF feature areas in incredible depth: controls, layout, resources, data binding, styling, graphics, animation, and more
  • Features a chapter on 3D graphics by Daniel Lehenbauer, the lead developer responsible for WPF 3D
  • Delves into non-mainstream topics: speech, audio/video, documents, bitmap effects, and more
  • Shows how to create popular UI elements, such as features introduced in the 2007 Microsoft Office System: Galleries, ScreenTips, custom control layouts, and more
  • Demonstrates how to create sophisticated UI mechanisms, such as Visual Studio-like collapsible/dockable panes
  • Explains how to develop and deploy all types of applications, including navigation-based applications, applications hosted in a Web browser, and applications with great-looking non-rectangular windows
  • Explains how to create first-class custom controls for WPF
  • Demonstrates how to create hybrid WPF software that leverages Windows Forms, ActiveX, or other non-WPF technologies
  • Explains how to exploit new Windows Vista features in WPF applications