Managing Software Development with Trac and Subversion

less than 1 minute read

This book is short on the number of pages but not necessarily on content. The books author approaches Software Development Project Management as a problem and offers up how you can use Trac and Subversion as a solution.

The book starts to talk about what Software Development Project Management is a how to break it up into its pieces. It then proceeds to introduce how to make Software Development Project Management easier with Trac, Subversion, Apache Web Server and WebDAV. The book then begins to describe how to use Trac and Subversion of some of the details of each.

Overall, the book is a good starting point if you want to add Trac and Subversion to your project. There are two things that I would have liked to see in the book however. The first is the use of TortoiseSVN client as opposed to the command line. The second is less use of the command line, while this is OK for Linux developers and some Windows developers, most do not like to use command lines.

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