Desert Code Camp 2010.2 Sessions so far

Here is the list of sessions that have been submitted and approved as of September 17th, 2010. It even includes 3 sessions for our Gangplank Jr. track for kids.

Take a look, if you want to present, just add a session, sign in, go to the sessions’ detail page and choose, “I can teach this”.

Track Session Abstract
.NET Development Code First Entity Framework DevelopmentThe objective of this session is to introduce the code-first framework for Microsoft’s Entity Framework technology.
I’ll introduce the code first framework, and demonstrate how to build applications that access databases
using the code first approach. I’ll demonstrate using the code-first library in an enterprise, web, and desktop
.NET Development Extensible ApplicationsThe objective of this presentation is to demonstrate how to create extensible applications using the Microsoft
.NET Framework. During this presentation, we will explore using the Managed Extensibility Framework, Managed
Add-in Framework, Workflow Foundation, and Dynamic Language Runtime to allow after-market customizations
and extensions to your applications.
.NET Development .NET 4 Parallel Programming in C#parallel programming in .NET 4.0
.NET Development Introducing Workflow Services in WF 4.0There are many benefits to model-driven design, including transparency of design for multiple audiences and the
simplification of low-level patterns which assist in realizing application designs that are simple to implement
and understand. Come learn how simple it is to build workflow services with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
.NET Development Back-2-Basics: Exception & Event Instrumentation in .NETThis session will instruct any level of programmer on how to easily use tracing that is built into .NET to log
and analyze Exceptions and events that occur during application runtime. This is invaluable to fix bugs that
only happen while the application is running. .NET TraceListeners will be discussed in detail along with
how to write your own custom TraceListeners. I will also discuss and provide code for my centralized exception/
event logging system that allows applications at customer sites or on multiple servers to log to central
database. Developers or technical support personal can then view these entries via an ASP.NET web site.
.NET Development Back-2-Basics: .NET Coding Standards For The Real WorldThis session will guide any level of programmer to greater productivity by providing the information needed to
write consistent, maintainable code. Learn about project setup, assembly layout, code style, defensive programming
and much, much more. We will even go over some real in production code and see what the programmer did wrong
in "What’s Wrong With this Code?". Code tips are included to help you write better, error free
applications. Lots of code examples in C# and VB.NET.
AJAX / Javascript AJAX with jQueryIn this session, you’ll learn various techniques for adding AJAX to your site using jQuery. There will be a very
brief introduction to jQuery for anyone who hasn’t used it before.
AJAX / Javascript Javascript BootcampStop writing bad JavaScript Now! Learn to avoid mistakes which lead to performance and scalability problems with
your web applications. Why is the global namespace a problem? What is a closure? Can js implement OO patterns?
All this and more…
Architecture Enterprise Architecture and TOGAFThe purpose of this session is to show how EA helps to business objectives.
Business Intelligence Practical applicability of PowerPivotThe goal of this session is to show how PowerPivot can be used to combine data sources, visualize data, and create
KPIs in the least amount of code.
Cloud Azure Security PracticesThis presentation will walk through many of the common questions people have regarding security and the Azure
cloud. Topics covered will specifically include compliance, database security, data sensitivity, and the
options you have to mitigate and compensate for them. Emerging & applicable best practices in cloud computing
will be outlined.
Composite Application Servers Building Composite Application Services with Windows Server AppFabricWindows Server AppFabric extends the core capabilities of IIS by providing many of the cloud benefits on-premise
including elastic scale and robust hosting capabilities. Come learn how Windows AppFabric can benefit your
approach to building and supporting composite application services via enhanced lifetime management, tracking,
persistence of long-running workflow services and caching for performance optimization.
Continuous Integration with Hudson Continuous Integration with HudsonUse Hudson to help provide your team with continuous feedback on the state of your project. This session will
teach you how to install Hudson and common techniques for using Hudson to keep you informed.
Databases (SQL/RDBMS, Document, Object) NoSQL DatabasesNoSQL Databases
Entity Framework 4.0 MVC and Entity FrameworkThe introduction of MVC to the ASP.NET stack opened up a new paradigm for building web sites and web applications
and, this new way of thinking leads to new ways to interact with your data. Microsoft has been promoting
the Entity Framework, which many people feel is too abstract, esoteric, too much overkill, or just too darn
difficult to learn. In this presentation, James will dispel all the myths and tabloid rumors you may have
heard about EF and take you on a gentle dive into the following: • A brief history of EF • How EF becomes
the mediator between developers and DBAs • How to build an EF Model • Wiring up the Model to your MVC app
• The supporting role of repositories • Using LINQ to EF to get to your data • How to win friends and influence
people by embracing EF
Game Development Mobile Game Development 101Developing simple games for the iPhone and Android to get you started.
Gangplank Jr Game Development with ScratchDevelop an old school game like Galaga using Scratch.
Gangplank Jr Android Phone DevelopmentExpanding on the building block style programming of Scratch use Google App Inventor to build and deploy an Android
Gangplank Jr Lego MindstormsCreate a battle bot using the Lego Mindstorms Kit and Development Environment.
HTML5 Introduction to HTML5 – tag you’re itA Flash Card Like run through of the tags. (pun intended) The do’s, the dont’s, the will’s the wont’s.. the can’s
and the can’t quite yets. We’ll take a brisk walk through this exciting progression into the next version
of the Hypertext Markup Language. Come see what the fuss is all about, what you need to know now, and what
you will want to keep your eye on for the future.
Introduction to Android Development Android Game Development with AndEngineUsing AndEngine: to develop a simple game for the Android platform
Introduction to Android Development RESTful AndroidAndroid Development with RESTful API’s
Introduction to Scala Introduction to ScalaScala is a general purpose programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise,
elegant, and type-safe way. It smoothly integrates features of object-oriented and functional languages,
enabling Java and other programmers to be more productive.
Mobile Creating a Windows Phone 7 App in SilverlightCreating a Windows Phone 7 App in Silverlight. Will discuss gotchas and workarounds.
MS Dynamics CRM CRM 2011 and ODataUtilizing Silverlight to extend CRM 2011 using OData and REST dataservices
Outside the Box What is NoSQL?What is NoSQL? What are some of the NOSQL tools? What are the benefits? Real world examples.
Ruby Rails 101In less than an hour, we’ll build a simple Twitter clone complete with user accounts and tweets. We’ll cover
models (which store your objects in a database), controllers (which retrieve and present model objects),
and views (which render HTML to the browser).
Ruby Ruby-Processing Graphics PlaygroundRuby-Processing is a Ruby wrapper around Processing, a simple language that lets you create images and animations.
We’ll demonstrate some of Processing’s basic features like drawing, manipulating image files, and interacting
with the mouse. If the network cooperates, we’ll even run a server that will let attendees collaborate on
an image!
Ruby Full Text Searching in RailsLearn how to install, configure, deploy and manage the Sphinx search engine and the ThinkingSphinx gem to bring
simple, yet robust, full text searching to your Ruby on Rails application.
Security Source code review strategiesOnce you start reviewing source code for security issues, it because all to easy to get lost in the weeds. This
presentation will outline many of the common practices used, and when to use them, to be successful.
Security Web Security – Beyond ListsUnderstanding what can happen– i.e vulnerability lists– is a great start in your journey. But what is more
important is how you apply successful strategies– both in code AND in process– that prevent people from
stealing your lunch money. This presentation will cover philosophies, principles, and strategies used to
secure web applications beyond simplistic vulnerability lists. It will focus on things you could (and should)
be doing right now and provide some direction on where you might consider going in the future.
SharePoint SharePoint 2010 as a Development PlatformThe goal of this session is to introduce attendees to the development of full-featured custom web applications
using SharePoint 2010.
Silverlight MVVM using Caliburn.MicroCreating a Silverlight application using the MVVM pattern and Caliburn.Micro.
Software Development Project Management In Small ShopsDescribes how to scale down project management to small shops that don’t have a dedicated project manager. In
small shops, every member of the team must be a project manager. In this session, we’ll talk about what works
and what doesn’t. Tips and tricks for having pleased clients and happy developers! (This could make a good
panel, if some other developers from small shops want to share their experiences.)
Software Development Using Regular ExpressionsIntroduction to regular expressions? Using some basic Regex. Advanced Regex.
Software Development The Developer’s Guide To ScrumA hands on exploration of Scrum, the project management framework, focusing on the responsibilities and goals
of the developer.
Software Development Lightswitch, what is it?Discussion of Lightswitch, where to get it, how to install it, what it can do
Telecom Tropo’s Phone Web Service APIYou will learn how to integrate Voice and SMS phone functionality into your existing web applications using’s
RESTful Web API.
WCF Restful services with WCFCreating restful services via WCF and the WCF toolkit
WCF WCF 4.0: Simplifying the Developer ExperienceWindows Communication Foundation is the primary framework for building distributed applications and services.
The major focus of WCF 4.0 was simplifying the learning curve and increasing adoption of this core communication
technology in the Microsoft .Net stack. This session will explore new features and capabilities of WCF 4.0.
WPF Get Declarative with WPF and SilverlightWPF and Silverlight applications are built using a mixture of XAML and code. In this presentation, we’ll look
at techniques for reducing code by moving user interface logic into the XAML layer. We’ll look at attached
behaviors, events, triggers, and using the Expression Blend SDK to extend the declarative power of XAML in
WPF applications.

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