INETA and TechEd

1 minute read

Since being elected the President of INETA North America in April, I have heard some good and bad things about INETA from several people. I want to make INETA better and more relevant for people and user groups. That being said, I will be at Microsoft Tech·Ed in Atlanta next week along with the rest of the INETA board and would like to chat with people about the good, bad and ugly of INETA. I will be

  • At the INETA Community Leadership Summit on Sunday
  • The INETA Booth in the Connect Zone on the Expo floor at 12:30 pm daily for the INETA raffle.
  • Community Night on Tuesday
  • Walking throughout the convention center.

If you have some compliments, complains, suggestions or just want to chat, here’s how you can get a hold of me:

BTW, INETA is doing a lot this year at Microsoft Tech·Ed, check out the full list here.

I look forward to chatting with you.