Bootstrap Theme Switcher jQuery plugin

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A few months ago a published an article on a Bootstrap Theme Switcher. I’ve since approved this post and the JavaScript and turned it into a jQuery plugin. This plugin works with the Bootswatch {:target=”_blank”} API to provide the user with the following:

  • Loads a list of available themes from the API into a SELECT or a UL,
  • Dynamically change the site theme to the selected theme
  • Manually change the theme
  • Save the selected theme to a cookie, requires the jQuery Cookie plugin,
  • Loads the selected theme from a cookie, requires the jQuery Cookie plugin,

The plugin also allows you to load a list of local themes in case you to not want to use the Bootswatch site.

Let me know what you think.


Download Link
jQuery Plugin page
GitHub Repository
Demo site

Next steps

  • NuGet Package
  • NPM module
  • Bower module