Speakers are not Idols

1 minute read

I’ve noticed that at a lot of conferences I attend conference attendees are afraid to approach the conference speakers. It would appear that some attendees think that speakers are idols and untouchable. I want to say that conference speakers are not idols. While I can not speak for every conference speaker, I know myself, and the other conference speakers that I know, love when conference attendees come up to us. So when you are at your next conference, or user group meeting, feel free to walk up to the speaker after the talk or if you see them in the hallway.

Here are a few tips for interacting with a speaker:

  • Be respectful of the speakers time. Do not monopolize their time.
  • Do not expect the speaker to solve all your problems. Most will spend a few minutes to talk to you and to understand the issue so that they can provide suggestions; some may provide guidance.
  • Feel free to contact them. Most speakers provide an email address and/or have social media accounts. Please keep in mind that some speakers keep their Facebook accounts personal so do not be offended if they deny the request or do not approve it.
  • Avoid interrupting speakers if they are already talking to someone.
  • Avoid interrupting speakers while they are eating, if they are at your table they will most likely talk.

I’d love your feedback; please leave comments below with your thoughts.