Desert Code Camp

I posted on Twitter today that Desert Code Camp is not happening this year.  The venue that we use, Chandler – Gilbert Community College is going through some renovations and just could not fit us in this year, unfortunately.  A few people asked what we would need from a venue to help make Desert Code Camp happen.  I put together a list below:

  • Should be able to support 700-900 people (it grows about 100 people every Code Camp)
  • Should have at least 15 rooms
    • Rooms should have a projector
    • At least 7 rooms should be able to accommodate 30 people
    • At least 3 rooms should be able to accommodate 75 people
    • Preferably have 3 rooms that can support 100+ people.
  • There should be a large area to host breakfast, lunch, and a sponsor area for all of the attendees
  • The venue should have reliable WiFi for the attendees
  • Preferably free or very low-cost since this event is free

Some nice to have:

  • A room / venue large enough to hold all of the attendees for an opening and closing keynote.
  • Amble (free) parking for the attendees.

If you have any questions or would like to throw your venue in the hat, please reach out to me.