Coding with JoeG - Stream Plugins

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Plugins are an easy (in most cases) way to add additional functionality to your stream. Here is a collection of plugins that I use or are considering on using

Plugins I use

These are plugins that I currently use.

Empty, I’m still researching plugins

Plugins to Research

These are plugins for OBS that I want to research a little more to potentially add to my stream

  • Move Transition - This provides a smooth transition between objects in your scenes
  • Spectralizer - A visualization of the music you are playing. Think of it as an old school equalizer :smile:
  • Shader Filter - This plugin provides a shader that can mask the stream, think of frost on a window in the winter.
  • Closed Captioning - This plugin uses the Google speech api in real time to provide real time closed captioning for your stream.
  • NDI Setup for Skype - This is how you can use Skype within OBS to allow for guest streams. It captures the Skype video as a source in OBS.


Have any suggestions for plugins for me to give a shot, shoot me an email.