ASP.NET Core 5 and Angular - Book Review

1 minute read

Overall I enjoyed the outline and flow of this book. The author does an excellent job explaining things and makes no assumptions that the reader “knows it.” As a result, an experienced reader might skip parts of the content and still get what the author is teaching.

I like how this book breaks down a “real world” application into pieces (chapters). The author starts by introducing the languages, technologies, and tools. After the introduction, you begin to build an application. The author presents how to use ASP.NET Core as the “back-end,” then transitions to using Angular for the “front-end.” From there on out, the application is built capability by capability. The author covers building out the database, including the server and building out the API to retrieve data from the database, and then consuming that data via the Angular client. The author then discusses editing, updating, paging, sorting, and filtering the data—Lots of capabilities that we find in everyday applications.

For the following few chapters, the author makes improvements to the code base to make it more maintainable and testable. Then the author talks about authentication and authorization. The book is wrapped up by showing how to deploy your application to Windows, Linux, or Azure App Service.

Overall, it is an excellent introduction to ASP.NET 5 Core and Angular. As a bonus, in every chapter, the author has a recommended reading section and reference section for more details.

This book would be a great addition to a web developer who wants to get into ASP.NET and Angular.

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