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Upcoming Events in Arizona

less than 1 minute read

I was going through the AZ Groups calendar this week and noticed that we have a lot of events going on in Arizona in the next two related to Microsoft .NET T...

Windows Phone Unleashed Events

2 minute read

There are two events Windows Phone Unleashed events coming to the Phoenix metropolitan area in May. Please register soon before the events sell out. Registra...


2 minute read

According to the Bing Dictionary, motivation is defined as follows:

Foursquare Autocomplete jQuery Plugin

4 minute read

This post will go over implementing the foursquare Autocomplete jQuery plugin. In the upcoming days (weeks) I will have a few blog posts on using the foursqu...

DebuggerDisplay Attribute

2 minute read

Have you ever tried to debug an application and wish the Visual Studio debugger did not display {Namespace.ObjectName} when you wanted to see some of the det...

Introduction to jQuery Mobile

2 minute read

Back in November, I sat in on a session by Scott Hanselman on creating a mobile site on ASP.NET using jQuery Mobile. While I was watching this session I cou...