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DebuggerDisplay Attribute

2 minute read

Have you ever tried to debug an application and wish the Visual Studio debugger did not display {Namespace.ObjectName} when you wanted to see some of the det...

Introduction to jQuery Mobile

2 minute read

Back in November, I sat in on a session by Scott Hanselman on creating a mobile site on ASP.NET using jQuery Mobile. While I was watching this session I cou...


5 minute read

So this blog post has been pending for over 4 months. I originally had the idea on June 1st, the day after I turned 40. It was to be titled 40 + 1. The inten...

LightSwitch Meeting for SEVDNUG

1 minute read

We are having a special user group meeting this month on LightSwitch on August 25th where Beth Massi, Senior Program Manager for BizApps, will present up to ...

SQL Pass Events Site Relaunched

1 minute read

Are you going to PASS Summit 2011 in October? If so, you might want to check out the updated site I launched called PASS Summit Events. PASS Summit Events wi...

My TechEd Video on Community

less than 1 minute read

Back in May at TechEd North America Developer Express interviewed me about INETA, Community and Desert Code Camp. Check out the video.

INETA and TechEd

1 minute read

Since being elected the President of INETA North America in April, I have heard some good and bad things about INETA from several people. I want to make INE...