Hello Microsoft Identity Platform

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Hello, Microsoft identity platform!

The team at Microsoft has been working on making Authentication and Authorization easier for us engineers. Since I was close to adding Authentication and Authorization to the Contacts API that I have been working on on ‘Coding with JoeG’, Brady Gaster {:target=”_blank”}reached out and wanted me to try the new package. I agreed, and we planned for me to implement the package on my stream on June 11th. It did not go well even though we had Brady Gaster, Christos Matskas, Darrel Miller, and others helping. You can watch the episode on YouTube if you wish. Part of the reason it did not go well was that I went down a slightly dated documentation rabbit hole, and part of it was ‘live’ debugging on Twitch, which by the way, had like a 20-30 delay. After 3 hours of trying to figure it out, we called it a night. However, that did not stop me or the team at Microsoft from figuring out what happened. Both Brady and Christos reached out to me with a solution the following morning that we got working in a few minutes.

I’m going to create a blog post about how we implemented it here. We’ll stream the implementation or adding Authentication and Authorization on Monday’s stream.

Thanks, Brady, Christos, Darrel, and the team for the assist!