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While I am grateful for the old man bladder that woke me up at 2 am (AZ time) only to realize that my daughter was not home yet which kept me up (thank you parenting gene) which gave me all the energy in the world to wake up for the day, it did provide me with the energy to write this blog post. The Silver Lining. This time of the year in the U.S. we celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday where we reflect and give thanks for the things we have. While 2020, and the pandemic has thrown a curveball for many of us…

  • We’ve had people catch the virus or had a loved one who did
  • We’ve had people that have had children during this
  • We’ve had parents who have had to figure out how to be a full-time team member while being a full-time caregiver while being a full-time schoolteacher
  • We’ve had to cancel travel plans and celebrations
  • And so much more

This Thanksgiving is going to be different for many of us. We will not be spending time with our loved ones to keep them and us safe. We won’t be lining up at Target at 5am to get that cool item that is 90% off retail. No, we won’t. Instead, we will be home keeping ourselves and loved ones safe. But if anything, the events of this year and last year have taught me to look at the Silver Lining. This Thanksgiving, there will be less frustration for me as the wife and mother-in-law battle it out for kitchen supremacy. For some, it might be skipping that argument with that crazy we all have or the fight over your favorite sportsball team. The point is, we all have something to be thankful for. Find your thing to be thankful for and focus on that instead of all the things you can’t do this year.

I am thankful that I and my immediate family are healthy and happy (for the most part). Find your happiness.

BTW, if you are home this Thanksgiving, and unable to “see” your relatives, Zoom is extending their typical 40-minute call limit this Thursday to enable families to be connected. If you just need someone to talk to, give me a call anytime or day. I’m around!

Have fun and be safe!