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Visual Studio Settings for Presentations

3 minute read

There was a twitter conversation around building an extension to make it easier for presenters/twitchers and others to quickly switch between settings in Vis...

New Type of Identity Theft

1 minute read

A few days ago, I got an email with the subject of Inquiry from a Michael Fleming at michaeltfleming6@gmail.com. Initially, I didn’t think anything of it. ...

Dynamic Blog Posts with Jekyll

3 minute read

Well “dynamic-ish”. The Speaking Engagements page on this site uses data files to generate the list of upcoming and previous speaking engagements. Which gene...

Congressional App Challenge

2 minute read

I was proud to participate in the Congressional App Challenge last year even though it was just to help promote it in Arizona. The Congressional App Challeng...

Im Speaking on a Boat

less than 1 minute read

Well, it’s more than a boat is a cruise ship, the Norwegian Cruise Lines Escape. We will be departing from Miami with port stops in Falmouth (Jamaica); Georg...

Why I Organize Desert Code Camp

2 minute read

While I was mingling at the Desert Code Camp after party, I was talking to a long time attendee, Liz. Liz makes the drive up from Tucson every year to attend...