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Getting Started Streaming

4 minute read

As I posted about a month ago, I starting live coding sessions, aka streaming, on Twitch. This post is a ‘getting started guide’ for streaming, with a couple...

Branding Your Stream

1 minute read

As you start streaming more or recording videos for the future, there are few things you may want to consider to tidy things up. Here are a few things you s...

Coding with JoeG - Stream Plugins

less than 1 minute read

Plugins are an easy (in most cases) way to add additional functionality to your stream. Here is a collection of plugins that I use or are considering on usi...

What It Means to be a Software Engineer

2 minute read

There has been much talk on social media about being a Software Engineer/Developer/Programmer in the last week or so, probably because we are all being safe ...

Coding with JoeG - I’m Streaming

1 minute read

I’m joining many other technology leaders and public speakers and starting to live code on Twitch… maybe soon to YouTube!